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Let's discover new MC bikers with Addiction - Wild Crows by Blandine P Martin

After losing her mother, Joe receives a letter revealing the name of her biological father and where to find him. Lonely and helpless, the young nurse decides to pack it all in to look for her estranged father, Jerry Welsh, who owns a bar and runs a motorcycle club in California. Surprised to learn he has a 27-year-old daughter, Jerry still agrees to give her chance, and he welcomes her into his inner-circle, including his family. Soon, Joe uncovers the true nature of the club. Besides being passionate about motorbikes, these men are members of a gang controlling all sorts of underground activities. Now Joe is about to step into a world that leaves no one unscathed.

WARNING : Some scenes contains violence and / or strong language.The story focus on a father-daughter relationship, first of all. This is not an erotic romance Saga. The whole saga is a romantic suspense, but you'll need to be patient to discover how love can be strong. Let's ride and live an unforgettable adventure !

Release Date : January 10th
Publisher : Independant
Price : Free on KU - 4.99 euros / 11.95 euros
Pages : 258 pages

My rating: image host

My review : I finally discovered this book series that will now be translated into English and I had a great time reading about this world lead by bikers, with the Wild Crows. The story unfolds so that we put ourselves in Joe's shoes, the heroine,  and we discover these bikers whom we quickly get attracted to.

Joe Blake has just lost her mother Margaret and besides this painful moment, she will discover something that will undoubtedly upset her life. In a letter left by her mother, she finally learns the identity of her biological father and she decides to take to have a momentary job leave to drive to California and Monty Valley. This young woman is brave enough to cross the states without knowing how she'll be welcomed. I really appreciated the temper of this heroine who will prove to us how much she can adapt herself to a completely and unexpected situation. We discover at the same time  the rules of these bikers club and even if we have already read romances in this universe, I enjoyed discovering Jerry Welsh and his friends because it emerges from these men a strong sense of family. When we enter this family it is till death part us and no one bothers the members of the Wild Crows. Of course, this is not a sweet world and violence is part of their daily lives. Women have a certain status, and Joe won't be pleased by this fact because for her the place of women and respect are so important.

I loved discovering Jerry because he is a natural leader as I love them. He takes the right decisions and has the right reaction when he discovers that his past is coming back and will have an impact on his family life. He is married to Mona, an adorable and loving woman. She won't be the awful stepmother and will help Joe get used to this codified and particular world. We also discover Casey the son of this couple who must prove he's worthy of his father' club. The bikers will also make us smile because of their behavior but the one who moved me the most is definitely Ash who will unwillingly forge a link with Joe. She will help him at a key moment and he will help her to decipher what can be deciphered. A beautiful friendship could be born.

Mack is a biker who will stand out because he will immediately try to flirt with our heroine whoimmediatly saw in hil the manwhore he is. He is used to girls falling for him but he will face a tougher target than he thought. His usual innuendo and ridiculous attempts won't charm Joe. The past of this character seems intense and if we have only some clues, doubts are allowed. We don't have chapters written from his point of view so we can only trust other characters' point of view such as Jerry's in particular and therefore our perception of this character is biased because we don't have all the necessaty information. Can we trust him? What game does he play with Joe?

Thus I had a good time reading this novel that gradually installs the codes for bikers' world and their very strict rules. Blandine P Martin offers us a first tome that rises crescendo until we have a climax with the end and we're looking forward reading the next book.

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