vendredi 11 octobre 2019

Découvrez un extrait VO de Gypsy King de Devney Perry

“Beer?” I nodded to the six-pack by my boot, which now only had three bottles.

“I’ll pass.”

“More for me then.” I shrugged.

“Now that you know I don’t want a beer, take them and go home.”


“Why not?” She tapped a foot on the sidewalk. “Just hop on your bike and be on your way.”

“You weren’t here. You made me wait for you and I got thirsty. So I had to drink three beers. Can’t drive now. Someone will have to come and get me.”

“I’ll call you a cab.”


“Why?” The tapping foot got faster. God, it was fun pissing her off.

“My bike. Can’t leave it on the street. Have to take it home.”

“So you’re just going to sit on my porch until you’re sober enough to drive home?”

“If you insist.”

She growled at me, then bent low to take a beer from the pack. Off came the cap with a twist, but instead of putting it to that supple lower lip, she surprised me yet again.

She poured my beer onto the lawn.

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