mardi 12 mai 2020

Release Blitz : C'est le jour J pour Sure Shot de Sarina Bowen

Une nouvelle romance de hockey autonome par l'auteur best-seller de USA Today Sarina Bowen.

À la veille de son trentième anniversaire, l'agent sportif à succès Bess Beringer est prêt à faire quelques changements. Armée d'un plan quinquennal - indexé et codé par couleur - elle atteindra quelques objectifs dans sa vie personnelle.

Un joueur imposant de hockey , baraqué,  qui vient d'être muté aux Brooklyn Bruisers ne fait pas partie de ce plan quinquennal. Marquez «Tank» Tankiewicz a beaucoup de bagages. C'est un solitaire casse cou. Il a eu une déception amoureuse. Il est aussi la chose la plus sexy sur terre, et pour une raison folle, c'est Bess qu'il veut.

Elle le sait pourtant. Mais elle tombe quand même stupidement amoureuse de lui. Et pendant un moment, il semble que peut-être il fera de même.

Jusqu'à ce qu'elle lui demande la seule chose qu'il ne pourra jamais lui donner…

Date de sortie : 12 mai 2020
Editeur : AE
Prix: 3.99 ou 15.60 euros
Pages :  307 pages



Tank: Did you SEE that beautiful goal???
Bess: Yes baby. That’s why I sent you a text last night that said NICE GOAL BABY in shouty caps. Didn’t it come through?
Tank: It came through. But I just wanted to talk about it some more. Because did you SEE that beautiful goal? When Castro accidentally passed to nowhere but I got my stick on it anyway? And before you could say TANK IS A STUD, I put it in?
Bess: Gorgeous goal, hot stuff! I may have spilled my beer I was so excited.
Tank: Where did you spill it?
Bess: All over my naked breasts.
Tank: Really?
Bess: No. But the purpose of this conversation is stroking your ego, right? So I thought I’d just roll with it.
Tank: LOL! I’ll take it.
Bess: :)
Tank: You were right, by the way. After the game, Castro told me I had to get the Brooklyn Bridge tattooed across my ass.
Bess: Well that’s a good sign. If they’re pranking you it means they like you now.
Tank: I got a goal. They like that at least.
Bess: What did you tell Castro about the tattoo?
Tank: I said, sure, buddy!
Tank: And, get this, I told him that if we connect on ten goals this season—in either direction—not only will I put the bridge on one ass cheek, I’ll put his face on the other.
Bess: OMG. What did he say to that?
Tank: “Let’s not get carried away.” Honestly he looked terrified, which was the point. I told him I was just crazy enough to do it. And then I wondered aloud what the blogs would write about that.
Bess: You are an evil man.
Tank: Never bullshit a bullshitter. But enough about me. Let’s talk about you. Specifically, I need to know if you’re naked right now. Please say yes.
Bess: I’m sitting in my office waiting for a conference call. So that would be no.
Tank: Lie to me, baby! I miss you.
Bess: There’s no need to lie. The next time we’re in the same zip code again, you can make your dreams come true.
Tank: Now there’s a plan I can get behind. Literally.
Bess: Indeed. Got to go now! Call starts in two minutes.
Tank: One more thing, hot stuff. Have you seen Henry again? I keep leaving voicemails, asking when I can visit. He texts me back, but I can’t get a phone call. I just want to talk to the old codger.
Bess: Same. I sent him a present but when I asked to visit he shot me down. Now go beat Florida.
Tank: Maybe you should send me a few motivational photographs to improve my game.
Bess: A good workout followed by a protein drink and then a nap would improve it more.
Tank: Says you.
Bess: I am a professional. I know things. Get some rest! I’ll be watching tonight.

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