mardi 26 juin 2018

Release Blitz : C'est le jour J pour Getting Schooled d'Emma Chase

Premier de la classe...

 Garrett Daniels a tout prévu pour sa vie. L'ancien lycéen charismatique arrogant , quaterback et star du lycée est un coach idolâtré et un professeur "cool" dans sa ville natale où il ne se contente pas d'être le golden boy - car il est en or massif. Il a de bons amis, une superbe maison sur le lac et le meilleur pote qu'on puisse imaginer . Snoopy son beagle albino. Puis il y a eu.. Callie Carpenter est de retour chez elle. Et elle frappe fort sur sa zone de comfort

C'est la rentrée ...

Callie a elle aussi une belle vie...à l'autre bout du pays.Mais les circonstances —mais elle préfère ne jamais plus en parler — la ramène à la maison, pour aider ses parents et remplacer un  professeur dans son ancien lycée. A présent elle doit faire face à ses hormones qui font rage, aux incessantes rumeurs et aux bizarreries mais aussi aux drames constante.

Comme au bon vieux temps...

Quand Garrett propose à son ancien coup de foudre du lycée de lui montrer les secrets pour devenir un professeur conquérant, Callie saute sur l'occasion - et alors elle doit se réfréner de lui sauter dessus. Ils ne peuvent être que bons amis. Ou alors.... ces professeurs pourraient bien finir par recevoir une leçon... une bonne leçon  - d'amour

. Includes a special bonus interview with the author! ©2018 Emma Chase (P)2018 Audible Originals, LLC. ADD TO GOODREADS


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 I sit down in the desk chair and lean back, balancing on the hind legs like my mother always told me not to. I fold my hands behind my head, put my feet on the desk, and sigh with contentment. Because life is sweet. It’s going to be a great year. They’re not all great—some years suck donkey balls—my best players graduate and it’s a rebuilding year, which means a lot of ‘L’s’ on the board, or sometimes you just get a crappy crop of students. But this year’s going to be awesome—I can feel it. And then, something catches my eye outside the window in the parking lot. Someone. And my balance goes to shit. I swing my arms like a baby bird, hang in the air for half a second…and then topple back in a heap. Not my smoothest move. But right now, it doesn’t matter. I pull myself up to my feet, step over the chair towards the window, all the while peering at the blond in the navy blue pencil skirt walking across the parking lot. And the ass that, even from this distance—I would know anywhere. Callaway Carpenter. Holy shit. She looks amazing, even more beautiful than the last time I saw her…than the first time I saw her. You never forget your first. Isn’t that what they say? Callie was my first and for a long time, I thought she’d be my only. The first time I laid my eyes on her, it felt like getting sacked by a three-hundred pound defensive lineman with an axe to grind. She looked like an angel. Golden hair framing petite, delicate features—a heart-shaped face, a dainty jaw, a cute nose and these big, round, blinking green eyes I wanted to drown in. Wait…back up…that’s not actually true. That’s a lie. I was fifteen when I met Callie, and fifteen year old boys are notorious perverts, so the first thing I noticed about her wasn’t her face. It was her tits—they were full and round and absolutely perfect. The second thing I noticed was her mouth—shiny and pink with a bee-stung bottom lip. In a blink, a hundred fantasies had gone through my head of what she could do with that mouth…what I could show her how to do. Then I saw her angel face. That’s how it happened. And just like that—I was gone. We were “the” couple in high school—Brenda and Eddie from that Billy Joel song. The star quarterback and the theater queen. She was the love of my life, before I had any fucking idea what love was…and then, still, even after I did. We broke up when she went away to college and I stayed here in Jersey—couldn’t survive the distance. It was a quiet ending, when I went out to visit her in California, no drama or hysterics. Just some hard truths, tears, one last night together in her dorm room bed, and a morning of goodbye. She never really came home again after that. At least, not long enough for us to run into each other. I haven’t seen her in years—in a lifetime. But she’s here now. At my school. And you can bet Callie’s sweet ass I’m going to find out why.


Emma Chase is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the hot and hilarious Tangled series and The Legal Briefs series. Emma lives in New Jersey with her husband, two children and two naughty (but really cute) dogs. She has a long-standing love/hate relationship with caffeine. WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | NEWSLETTER | TWITTER GOODREADS | READER FAN GROUP  

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