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Blacklist , an amazing first tome in the Rivals book series by Geneva Lee

Adair MacLaine was sunshine and the storm. Emerald-green eyes and attitude, I fell for her the moment we met and hated her just as quickly. From New York Times bestselling author Geneva Lee comes the first chapter in an emotional, breathtaking love story that will leave you obsessed and begging for more.

Five years ago, tragedy brought her to my door and sparked a love that consumed us like wildfire—hot, unpredictable, and impossible to control. We raged together until her father made her choose between me and the family name.

I left. She stayed.

I’m no longer the poor kid that lost her. I’ve made myself into a man that won’t be ignored.

Now her father is dead, the MacLaine empire is crumbling, and Adair’s inheritance depends on the company’s largest investor: me.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

My whole life changed the night I met Sterling Ford. Brilliant and intense, he came to Valmont with nothing but a scholarship and a chip on his shoulder. He was a grenade and I wanted to pull the pin.

We were doomed from the first kiss.

I’ve waited for my chance to seize my freedom and now it's finally in reach—until the last person I ever wanted to see again walks into my father’s funeral: him.

Release Date : June 30th
Publisher : Quaintrelle Publishing + Media 
Price : 4.55 or 15.04 or 23.48 euros
Pages : 362 pages

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I'd like to thank Geneva Lee and her team for allowing me to be in her ARC team . I'm providing a honest review in exchange for this ARC

Geneva Lee is back with a new book series and I had such a great time with this 1st book in The Rivals series. The characters will offer us flashbacks between the past and the present and we will try to understand how these five years have changed everything. The time for  revenge has come and no matter how much suffering is inflicted, it will happen.

Adair MacLaine is a 24 year old young woman who seems to have everything to be happy but when five years ago she lost a loved one, her life changed and became even more stuffy. With the MacLaines, appearances and illusions are very misleading and when Angus enters the race to be a senator, the bridle will be even tighter around the neck of our heroine. She never had her destiny in hand but nowadays it is still the case. In a way, she will be a puppet in the hands of her brother, her father but also our hero. They all play with her and she may fall into many traps. She has always done everything to keep the secret well kept and we are going to ask ourselves a lot of questions concerning the plot because in the end we don't know much about her. If it had been up to her, she would have gone to study at Cambridge to study novels by English-speaking authors whom she adores. But fate seems to making fun of her and she must be silent and obey. We seem to have returned to the century in which the romances of Jane Austen unfold because she is a young woman who never has a say on her life and who has always been left out. The fact that she is a woman means that Malcolm or Angus never took her advice into account.

This family is also not united because Malcolm had an arranged marriage and his life with Ginny is not enviable. Our heroine's niece, Ellie, is Adair's ray of sunshine, but she won't be able to give her as much love as she would like. Love is, moreover, a concept very foreign to the family. When his father died, nothing was simplified and, on the contrary, business was at a low point. Even since the skin has fallen, Angus has played well with his children and they can only count on a foreign investor to save them. In the past, we discover an Adair who is already hermetic to this world but who rejects others and those who could really help her with her coldness . When she first met Sterling, she on't trust him and will find a lot of prejudices against him. She judges him without really knowing him and the contrary will be true too. One wonders why she is sometimes so mean with him when at first, he will really try to understand her . He is the only one who sees how much she is suffering, who will accompany her in difficult times but she seems hermetic to that. She evolves in a sanitized world where being vulnerable is not possible and we know that in her world, we do not show our weaknesses. Will she face with force the return in her life of this man she hates as much as she loves?

Sterling Ford was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he lost his mother when he was very young. He was raised in foster homes and Francie will be the closest thing to a maternal figure. He doesn't want to show it to her, but you can feel he cares for her as she cares for him. He will therefore enter a universe that is so different from his own but in Valmont, he will join the game. Five years later, he returns forcefully, conquering and determined to take his revenge on all those he has registered on this famous blacklist. We will use flashbacks to understand what brought him to this moment. He decided to take revenge on our heroine and we will find out why. A new arrangement seems to be looming but the hatred they feel for each other is not feigned. Yet we know that the line between love and hate is fine, but their love could be both devastating and destructive. He is a determined man whom we have come to know and he will stop at nothing. He knows he can count on Jack Archer and Luca Dangello and it is obvious that this trio will not hesitate to get their hands dirty to get what they want. They work well together and they are not afraid of danger. These experienced businessmen will place their pawn one after the other and no one seems to be able to stop them. Let the game begin ....

In short, I loved this first book of this series which already promises to be epic. Geneva Lee has the gift to present us colorful characters, who will be caustic but not unfriendly. They make us want to know more and the intrigue will catch us from start to finish. Is it already September yet? Because I'm so looking forward knowing the events because we will surely be suprised

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